Ghanas Next Big Designer


Tumiila is a fashion label founded in 2012 by UK  young designer Tumisola Ladega. At the age of 14 she knew she wanted to be a fashion designer, but was till in the stages of figuring out what her style. Before that she wanted to express herself and creativity and  decided to try out different fashion competitions. Her individual designs have featured in competitions and she began entering as early as the age of 12.

She has since continued her journey and showcased her work in a series of collections as well as individual garment projects.  Through these years her designs has rapidly graced the catwalks of major fashion shows and fashion weeks in places. Her hot designs has already made a presences in places such as Miami, Maryland USA, Lagos Nigeria, Johannesburg South Africa and London. Her label is still developing but it’s very advanced, Tumiila doesn’t just focus on one but all areas from high end couture to urban, and from evening wear to ready to wear. Tumisola is not 18 yet  and her work has also had the privilege of being notice by the great Joan Burstein and Professor Jimmy Choo.


Right now the young fashion designer is studying textile and art GCSE, at the same time she is still growing her label ‘Tumiila. She is blogging her journey and her adventure, read her blog ‘http://www.tumisolasnotebook.blogspot.co.uk/‘, which shares updates of  designed collections in the making as well as showing at as many fashion shows she has showcased.

Fit for the runway already, It has a very futuristic feel with a comfortable wear. It’s a African cultured print, yet architectural patterns coupled together make these pieces extraordinary.   This is very innovative, and definitely the kind of fashion that will rock funky people of today, especially around the world.


Tumisola Ladega, currently lives in the United Kingdom. One of her inspirations is her father. He is a designer as well but an architect by profession. She credits her creativeness from both parents who is active in supporting her dreams of making it to the top. As a child her love was art and design and the thought of being able to work in that field was perfect. Her starts of expressing her vision began with drawing designs and ask for multiple opinions of her sketches.To her it was simple, but to the people she showed to, they were amazed and loved it. Giving her hope that she could be something great. “Whenever I told people that I want to be fashion designer, they would always laugh and say I would grow out of it, that it is really hard to become successful in the fashion industry” says Ladega.  Ambitious and determined she states” I am 100% positive I will always want to be a fashion designer”. Another love of hers is not just fashion designing but styling, modelling and photography which she hopes to accomplish of that in her growing career.


Tumiilia is splashing the runaway already, with bold colors and patterns. For someone so young, she is already making a big impact in the fashion world.

For more information about this young rising designer visit her blog.

Check out her website for the newest designs and to take a look at these amazing clothing pieces at www.tumiila.com


Indias Next Big Fashion Designer To Watch


A young designer with a earthy sense of style, Richa Aggarwal sees fashion “as a cultural translator where new technology meets old world craftsmanship.” She gets her inspiration from the India of today, and also relies heavily on traditional pieces with a modern twist.

Her designs are simply beautiful and well thought out in detail.

 Her philosophy​:The idea is to blend tradition with a sense of eccentricity and revolution of new age, by using fabrics as a tool that is able to travel through time.


According to the publicity for the show: “The soul of her latest collection lies in the colours and textures of the vibrant streets of India. The earthy like fabrics and well detailed patterns are constructed to re-create a multi-layered experience. Simple and effortless hand done surfaces create traditional feel as well as offer modern functionality. The construction of her pieces blend the old with the new by putting together the traditional Indian techniques of handlooms and hand made designs.

John Hopkins, Head of Department Fashion and Textiles at WSA remembers Richa as  highly motivated and driven individual: “I am very pleased to hear of Richa’s success,” he says. “She has built on her graduating collection at WSA to extend her theme further and celebrate the vibrant styles and ingenuity of street wear that can be found in India”. She used different types and textures of material and blended together for pieces that are sensational.


Richa Aggarwal graduated from the ‘National Institute of Fashion Technology, India’ with the best design collection award in 2007. After she joined the design team of Madura Garments exports ltd. This was where the industrial connection, really helped her with commercial aspect of design.Her accomplishments kept on building when she was awarded a J.N.Tata scholarship in 2010. Richa went on to  pursue her masters in fashion design from London.

In 2011, she launched her own label in London.  She was a hit and kept gaining exposure and popularity. This lead to the next big thing for her In 2012, Richa showcased her debut collection in Lakme Fashion week which earned her rave reviews in both local and international media. Vogue India recognized her as the ‘next upcoming designer to watch out for’. Harper’s Bazaar also was interested and labeled her as the ‘new designer who set the fashion fraternity abuzz’.

The soul of her designs lies in the interest of old and new India, making it wearable and desirable for everyone. Perfectly constructed it concentrates on fine detail and the quality of her pieces are flawless. It reflects the balance of rich and poor, volume and structure, colors and textures. The fabrics contrast and usual couple of patterns offer riot of patterns but are well put together.

Various animal prints are also introduced in her designs and has a storytelling effect. The motifs for embroideries and surface developments gives a feel of an earthy slight bohemian feel.
This collection embodies the strange mystery of nature and heritage.


​She has been pushing to the top and is unstopped able.

Her company and style  is located in New Delhi, India

Find her latest designs at www.richaaggarwal.com

She is also on Facebook and updates regularly and connects with her customers.


Hong Kongs Up And Coming Designer


Let’s talk about Kay Kwok

This upcoming fashion designer is originally from Hong Kong,Kay Kwok studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Womenswear at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, later obtaining a Master’s in Menswear from The London College of Fashion in 2012. He also interned at Alexander Mcqueen and designed costumes for Muse’s 2012 world tour and a Hong Kong-based band.


Hong Kong local designer creating the most buzz at the moment is Kay Kwok.Launching his label just two years ago, he is gaining popularity at rapid speed. Already shown at London Fashion Week he caught the eye of New York Times fashion editor Suzy Menkes. Kwok is a firm believer in fashion education, which he says has improved a lot in Hong Kong in these past recent years. His personal growth stemmed from fashion design studies at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.This gave him the confidence and the skill set to go to the prestigious London College of Fashion.Jimmy Choo and Patrick Cox also attended there at one point and time. He also worked at Alexander McQueen. “Hong Kong gave me key skills, like pattern cutting and computer-aided design,” says Kwok, adding that London further honed his creativity.

Kay Kwok’s designs are more than just designs, they are tools for self-expression and stepping outside the box. He creates his pieces to strive to give people the opportunity to express themselves through contemporary fashion, he believes it’s all about finding your own identity: “Designing is an artistic outlet for me, just like it should be for others who are choosing to wear my pieces.”

Kwok was the first Hong Kong menswear designer to show his first collection during London Fashion Week in 2013. He’s now well on his way to becoming one of the most influential Chinese designers in the industry by his out-of-the-box looks. “My goal is to create artistic, bold and creative designs for people to wear and self-express on a daily basis,” said Kwok.

His last autumn-winter collection featuring UFOs and extraterrestrials patterns. The collection is influenced by the themes of futurism and technology, and coupled with computer-generated prints with asymmetrical cuts and a out of this world colour palette. Kwok says he values creativity over monetary gain, not an obvious choice for many up-and-coming designers. With all this talent he was give the opportunity, by a famous company Joyce for his design work. “I was first approached by Joyce after my degree show, but I turned them down as I wasn’t ready,” says Kwok.


It’s an offer that most new designers in Hong Kong would give anything for, but Kwok turned it down. He turns down Joyce two more times before finally being ready and letting them buy and sell his collection in their stores. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

His eponymous menswear line is available at Joyce at Pacific Place, Admiralty now.


Kwok finds himself most inspired by current affairs and his fascination with the galaxy. The latter seems to be the most notable in his designs:”It is so exciting to be moved by something to the point where it gives you goosebumps.”

Find his collection at Joyce, G/F New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2810 1120, www.joyce.com.

It’s a must buy, if you are one who wants to stand out, this brand is for you!


Bohemian Glam With Vita Kin


The vital dress of the summer of 2015 comes from Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin. Inspired by traditional Ukrainian folk embroidery design, Kin’s dresses have been the next hottest thing of fashion and social media — such as Miroslava Duma,Amanda Brooks, Anna Dello Russo, Leandra Medine and a few others  — who wore these dresses on Instagram over the past several months.

Featuring different wears to the design such as maxi and knee-length dresses,flashy blouses, eye popping rompers, this vacation-effortless designs are full of bright geometric patterns and dramatic fringing, and are based on traditional folk dresses. “My collections are created not according to the season but by inspiration,” says designer Vita Kin. “I’m inspired by the fading traditions and techniques of various ancient cultures for making and decorating clothing. Embroidery, macramé and appliqué are my passion.”

Her pieces are so popular and trendy this year.Made by Kiev native Vita Kin, the styles sold out on Matchesfashion.com and Net-a-porter e-tailers sold out within a matter of hours after release. While  ideally worn for summer, the dresses worn all over social media were actually meant for  fall styles and shown with  layered with turtlenecks, tights and jackets. Net-a-porter will continue with the styles for fall.But as popular as this Instagram trend was, Sept. 7 is when the old fashion rule comes into play about white after Labor Day. It may be time to change it up, styling with layers to keep this timeless piece for the rest of the year.


Super-sized tassels coupled with Aztec embroidery,  and dramatic bell-sleeves have earned the Ukranian designer a huge following on Instagram, where she started out selling her dresses to people who followed her who begged to know where to buy them.

She’s fast earned herself a dedicated following by her high demand one of a kind designs, which includes the likes of Anna Dello Russo, bloggers in the fashion who are writing,wearing and reviewing.Net-a-Porter are now selling the lust-have  bold blouses, colorful jumpsuits and frocks, – just in time for us to flaunt them on our summer holidays and add layers for the fall.

You only have to look at the amount of comments on these fashion-influencers Vita Kin-wearing posts to see how in-demand the dresses are. Designer Lisa Marie Fernandez says she’s never been stopped as many times as when wearing A Vita Kin dress which everyone wants around the world.

Based on traditional Slavic designs, they’re made from luxe linens. Every piece is wearable chambray denim hues or with a touch of neon to give a pop factor


She’s been designing them for over 8 years. She started off my making them for friends and family but it seemed as if she just exploded out of nowhere, cryptically skyrocketing through the Instagram generation instantly with no website or sale page.

She reconstructs traditional dresses adjusting them to a boho-chic eccentric mood, adding a hippie vibe. A perfect fusion of folk style, refinement and modernity that was rapidly embraced by street effortless style.


What makes Vita Kin’s clothes even more desirable is the aura of mystery created by the brand regarding retailers. To know where to buy a dress or a vyshyvanka, the typical Ukrainian blouse, you will have to check out regularly on her instagram: @vyshyvanka_by_vitakin Instagram page and wait for the next release for stores or online boutique like  net-à-porter or matchesfashion to announce a new sale or design. Each limited-edition garment is hand-embroidered following old Ukrainian techniques.

This is a big deal, in Ukraine and you can get your hands on these worldwide.


Who is Julia Seemann?


Who is Julia Seemann?

Graduated in February 2014 at the Institute Of Fashion Design, Academy Of Art And Design Basel. Internship at Vivienne Westwood.

The image, a collection – two-dimensional geometric elements, as a self-contained yet forward composition referencing a different take on visual reality of designs, are incorporated in the formal language of clothing and designed to construct around the human body. Not only the forms and cuts, but also the materials placed inherently convey a sense of rawness and directness. In the interplay with the female body these qualities produce a different modern aesthetic. Another Composition is an interaction between sexy and fun, elegance and bold, emphasizing the playfulness of the wearer, which is triggered on the one hand by the jeans material and on the other by the clear forms and bold colours of the collection.

Julia’s work follows one main aesthetic vision: to combine reduced geometric forms with plain or rough fabrics and materials with the aim to create a feminine, sensual and elegant look with an edgy twist. In line with these basic principles, her new collection “Another Composition” is particularly inspired by regular work wear clothing and focuses on the use of strong, primary colors.



The world famous pop star Rihanna  sported the Look 9 to the Kanye West show, which was created by Julia Seemann. The designer is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland and these are looks from her graduate collection. Her pieces included lots of denim material, floppy hats and visors with bold colors. Rihanna’s look comprised a dark blue, off shoulder, plush top with a zip across the front. Half of the left sleeve is red pleather.Over this she wore a denim jacket with a black and white print and contrast stitching. The shorts also feature funky contrast stitching but the most eye catching detail is that the front half is black denim while the back is pleather.


Her pieces deconstruct work-wear to enable femininity through harsh textures of leather, vinyl and denim. While  she brings geometric form to the body,shows a futurist style to clothing. Giving sexuality and elegance, Seemann adds an edgy twist of sharp designa with the use of funky fabric mixes and prints, while seamlessly socializing different color schemes and textures onto one garment.


I just love that you can do so much with denim. You can transform it, paint it, wash it. You can cover it.” Julia Seemann stated in a past interview

The inspiration behind her work is work wear combined with concrete art and abstract art. She really focuses on feminine looks with rough, raw materials such as denim, patent leather and coated fabrics.

Seemann works with strategic layering to induce a sense of contemporary architecture to combine futuristic patterns with a modern twist. But the most intriguing aspects of Seemann’s work showcases the balance between minimalism that is thrilling.

Her style is ideal for someone who wants to have an edgy yet sleek look.

With her amazing break out designs in her beginning, she is already being recognized and someone to watch for in 2015.

For more information on how to get this look, and find these pieces visit her website.www.juliaseemann.com

Her Instagram Juliaseeman_studio for the latest updates on what’s happening.


Up and Coming Designer To Watch for In 2015


Up and coming Designer August Getty is a forced to be recognized with in the fashion world, in the year 2015. Breaking in new designer has came in with a bang, with his delicate yet, statement filled design patterns.

Growing up August Getty gave an interesting portal into the world of Art teamed with fashion . His guidelines with his designs were fashion and fantasy. By the age of five, August had created his very own world of creations. His pieces channel a storytelling eye catching design.His muse was his sister, Natalia who inspired him to create such timeless creations.

august 3

Another inspiration of his is Judy Garland and his mother’s couture style which he loved. A young oil scion gets into the fashion game making a statement.

Born and raised in England he also spent his teenage years in his family’s gardens, where he’d sketch his ideas, and designers based the structure of the flowers. The pieces that were produced has a flower pedaled drape look that is shown at his debut of his first fashion show of 2015.


Getty, 20, who is based now in Los Angeles, was home-schooled since the age of 16, and when it comes to fashion, he taught himself everything. He gets a lot of his information from the Internet, where he obsessively researches his muses and next idea.

After years of hard work and preparation, for him it was time and he was ready to introduce himself and his Spring Summer 2015 collection to the fashion industry. He and his show were a mouth dropping, wooing celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Perez Hilton, Andi Muise and Barron Hilton.

august 2

The August Getty atelier is now a designer to watch. 

The dim color palette of this collection that began at first between blacks and whites, took an unexpected change when colors like lavender, rose color shades and the use of lace, transparencies and organic-patterned metallic sequins began to hit the runway. Making a even bigger statement on evening gowns and short dresses, Getty paired his designs with leather material, silk chiffon and French custom-made lace.

For the grandson of the late great John Paul Getty Jr., fashion goes back generations. Newly designer August Getty staged his first show at Lincoln Center in New York in September, which was followed by a  over-the-top celebration party at The Pierre (once owned by his great-grandfather) that treated guests to glitter-covered cotton candy. With a sense of style and an intimate relationship with luxury, Getty is aiming to become Los Angeles’ next fashion darling.

His new fashion line is already wore by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Madonna have recently showcased his iconic designs at different events.

Scarlett Johansson, Sophia Loren, and Boy George is just a few names of celebrities he has his eyes on to dress next.

When asked in an interview with Brad Hammer what he likes to wear, he states  “I buy most of my things from eBay. I like vintage and really worn-in pieces. I mix Givenchy with old Doc Martens and an Iron Maiden T-shirt from the ’80s. I love a leather sweatpant, and I’m also a big sunglass collector. I buy a lot of my eyewear from Jack’s on La Brea.”

As well as talking about his early childhood when he found an interest in the fashion world. Brad Hammer asked him when this started for him, Getty replied:

. “I used to dress up metal forks by making gowns out of napkins,” he laughs and takes another drag. “I also would cut up my mom’s silk shoe bags and make couture gowns for Barbie dolls.” I smile at this and tell August that my father was never very happy when I would play with Barbie’s.

august 4

Find these amazing pieces by following him on

Instagram: augustgetty_

Check out his website to get your hands on the latest Atelier

Website:  www.augustgetty.com


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