Up and Coming Designer To Watch for In 2015


Up and coming Designer August Getty is a forced to be recognized with in the fashion world, in the year 2015. Breaking in new designer has came in with a bang, with his delicate yet, statement filled design patterns.

Growing up August Getty gave an interesting portal into the world of Art teamed with fashion . His guidelines with his designs were fashion and fantasy. By the age of five, August had created his very own world of creations. His pieces channel a storytelling eye catching design.His muse was his sister, Natalia who inspired him to create such timeless creations.

august 3

Another inspiration of his is Judy Garland and his mother’s couture style which he loved. A young oil scion gets into the fashion game making a statement.

Born and raised in England he also spent his teenage years in his family’s gardens, where he’d sketch his ideas, and designers based the structure of the flowers. The pieces that were produced has a flower pedaled drape look that is shown at his debut of his first fashion show of 2015.


Getty, 20, who is based now in Los Angeles, was home-schooled since the age of 16, and when it comes to fashion, he taught himself everything. He gets a lot of his information from the Internet, where he obsessively researches his muses and next idea.

After years of hard work and preparation, for him it was time and he was ready to introduce himself and his Spring Summer 2015 collection to the fashion industry. He and his show were a mouth dropping, wooing celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Perez Hilton, Andi Muise and Barron Hilton.

august 2

The August Getty atelier is now a designer to watch. 

The dim color palette of this collection that began at first between blacks and whites, took an unexpected change when colors like lavender, rose color shades and the use of lace, transparencies and organic-patterned metallic sequins began to hit the runway. Making a even bigger statement on evening gowns and short dresses, Getty paired his designs with leather material, silk chiffon and French custom-made lace.

For the grandson of the late great John Paul Getty Jr., fashion goes back generations. Newly designer August Getty staged his first show at Lincoln Center in New York in September, which was followed by a  over-the-top celebration party at The Pierre (once owned by his great-grandfather) that treated guests to glitter-covered cotton candy. With a sense of style and an intimate relationship with luxury, Getty is aiming to become Los Angeles’ next fashion darling.

His new fashion line is already wore by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Madonna have recently showcased his iconic designs at different events.

Scarlett Johansson, Sophia Loren, and Boy George is just a few names of celebrities he has his eyes on to dress next.

When asked in an interview with Brad Hammer what he likes to wear, he states  “I buy most of my things from eBay. I like vintage and really worn-in pieces. I mix Givenchy with old Doc Martens and an Iron Maiden T-shirt from the ’80s. I love a leather sweatpant, and I’m also a big sunglass collector. I buy a lot of my eyewear from Jack’s on La Brea.”

As well as talking about his early childhood when he found an interest in the fashion world. Brad Hammer asked him when this started for him, Getty replied:

. “I used to dress up metal forks by making gowns out of napkins,” he laughs and takes another drag. “I also would cut up my mom’s silk shoe bags and make couture gowns for Barbie dolls.” I smile at this and tell August that my father was never very happy when I would play with Barbie’s.

august 4

Find these amazing pieces by following him on

Instagram: augustgetty_

Check out his website to get your hands on the latest Atelier

Website:  www.augustgetty.com


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