Ghanas Next Big Designer


Tumiila is a fashion label founded in 2012 by UK  young designer Tumisola Ladega. At the age of 14 she knew she wanted to be a fashion designer, but was till in the stages of figuring out what her style. Before that she wanted to express herself and creativity and  decided to try out different fashion competitions. Her individual designs have featured in competitions and she began entering as early as the age of 12.

She has since continued her journey and showcased her work in a series of collections as well as individual garment projects.  Through these years her designs has rapidly graced the catwalks of major fashion shows and fashion weeks in places. Her hot designs has already made a presences in places such as Miami, Maryland USA, Lagos Nigeria, Johannesburg South Africa and London. Her label is still developing but it’s very advanced, Tumiila doesn’t just focus on one but all areas from high end couture to urban, and from evening wear to ready to wear. Tumisola is not 18 yet  and her work has also had the privilege of being notice by the great Joan Burstein and Professor Jimmy Choo.


Right now the young fashion designer is studying textile and art GCSE, at the same time she is still growing her label ‘Tumiila. She is blogging her journey and her adventure, read her blog ‘http://www.tumisolasnotebook.blogspot.co.uk/‘, which shares updates of  designed collections in the making as well as showing at as many fashion shows she has showcased.

Fit for the runway already, It has a very futuristic feel with a comfortable wear. It’s a African cultured print, yet architectural patterns coupled together make these pieces extraordinary.   This is very innovative, and definitely the kind of fashion that will rock funky people of today, especially around the world.


Tumisola Ladega, currently lives in the United Kingdom. One of her inspirations is her father. He is a designer as well but an architect by profession. She credits her creativeness from both parents who is active in supporting her dreams of making it to the top. As a child her love was art and design and the thought of being able to work in that field was perfect. Her starts of expressing her vision began with drawing designs and ask for multiple opinions of her sketches.To her it was simple, but to the people she showed to, they were amazed and loved it. Giving her hope that she could be something great. “Whenever I told people that I want to be fashion designer, they would always laugh and say I would grow out of it, that it is really hard to become successful in the fashion industry” says Ladega.  Ambitious and determined she states” I am 100% positive I will always want to be a fashion designer”. Another love of hers is not just fashion designing but styling, modelling and photography which she hopes to accomplish of that in her growing career.


Tumiilia is splashing the runaway already, with bold colors and patterns. For someone so young, she is already making a big impact in the fashion world.

For more information about this young rising designer visit her blog.

Check out her website for the newest designs and to take a look at these amazing clothing pieces at www.tumiila.com


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