Indias Next Big Fashion Designer To Watch


A young designer with a earthy sense of style, Richa Aggarwal sees fashion “as a cultural translator where new technology meets old world craftsmanship.” She gets her inspiration from the India of today, and also relies heavily on traditional pieces with a modern twist.

Her designs are simply beautiful and well thought out in detail.

 Her philosophy​:The idea is to blend tradition with a sense of eccentricity and revolution of new age, by using fabrics as a tool that is able to travel through time.


According to the publicity for the show: “The soul of her latest collection lies in the colours and textures of the vibrant streets of India. The earthy like fabrics and well detailed patterns are constructed to re-create a multi-layered experience. Simple and effortless hand done surfaces create traditional feel as well as offer modern functionality. The construction of her pieces blend the old with the new by putting together the traditional Indian techniques of handlooms and hand made designs.

John Hopkins, Head of Department Fashion and Textiles at WSA remembers Richa as  highly motivated and driven individual: “I am very pleased to hear of Richa’s success,” he says. “She has built on her graduating collection at WSA to extend her theme further and celebrate the vibrant styles and ingenuity of street wear that can be found in India”. She used different types and textures of material and blended together for pieces that are sensational.


Richa Aggarwal graduated from the ‘National Institute of Fashion Technology, India’ with the best design collection award in 2007. After she joined the design team of Madura Garments exports ltd. This was where the industrial connection, really helped her with commercial aspect of design.Her accomplishments kept on building when she was awarded a J.N.Tata scholarship in 2010. Richa went on to  pursue her masters in fashion design from London.

In 2011, she launched her own label in London.  She was a hit and kept gaining exposure and popularity. This lead to the next big thing for her In 2012, Richa showcased her debut collection in Lakme Fashion week which earned her rave reviews in both local and international media. Vogue India recognized her as the ‘next upcoming designer to watch out for’. Harper’s Bazaar also was interested and labeled her as the ‘new designer who set the fashion fraternity abuzz’.

The soul of her designs lies in the interest of old and new India, making it wearable and desirable for everyone. Perfectly constructed it concentrates on fine detail and the quality of her pieces are flawless. It reflects the balance of rich and poor, volume and structure, colors and textures. The fabrics contrast and usual couple of patterns offer riot of patterns but are well put together.

Various animal prints are also introduced in her designs and has a storytelling effect. The motifs for embroideries and surface developments gives a feel of an earthy slight bohemian feel.
This collection embodies the strange mystery of nature and heritage.


​She has been pushing to the top and is unstopped able.

Her company and style  is located in New Delhi, India

Find her latest designs at www.richaaggarwal.com

She is also on Facebook and updates regularly and connects with her customers.


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