Who is Julia Seemann?


Who is Julia Seemann?

Graduated in February 2014 at the Institute Of Fashion Design, Academy Of Art And Design Basel. Internship at Vivienne Westwood.

The image, a collection – two-dimensional geometric elements, as a self-contained yet forward composition referencing a different take on visual reality of designs, are incorporated in the formal language of clothing and designed to construct around the human body. Not only the forms and cuts, but also the materials placed inherently convey a sense of rawness and directness. In the interplay with the female body these qualities produce a different modern aesthetic. Another Composition is an interaction between sexy and fun, elegance and bold, emphasizing the playfulness of the wearer, which is triggered on the one hand by the jeans material and on the other by the clear forms and bold colours of the collection.

Julia’s work follows one main aesthetic vision: to combine reduced geometric forms with plain or rough fabrics and materials with the aim to create a feminine, sensual and elegant look with an edgy twist. In line with these basic principles, her new collection “Another Composition” is particularly inspired by regular work wear clothing and focuses on the use of strong, primary colors.



The world famous pop star Rihanna  sported the Look 9 to the Kanye West show, which was created by Julia Seemann. The designer is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland and these are looks from her graduate collection. Her pieces included lots of denim material, floppy hats and visors with bold colors. Rihanna’s look comprised a dark blue, off shoulder, plush top with a zip across the front. Half of the left sleeve is red pleather.Over this she wore a denim jacket with a black and white print and contrast stitching. The shorts also feature funky contrast stitching but the most eye catching detail is that the front half is black denim while the back is pleather.


Her pieces deconstruct work-wear to enable femininity through harsh textures of leather, vinyl and denim. While  she brings geometric form to the body,shows a futurist style to clothing. Giving sexuality and elegance, Seemann adds an edgy twist of sharp designa with the use of funky fabric mixes and prints, while seamlessly socializing different color schemes and textures onto one garment.


I just love that you can do so much with denim. You can transform it, paint it, wash it. You can cover it.” Julia Seemann stated in a past interview

The inspiration behind her work is work wear combined with concrete art and abstract art. She really focuses on feminine looks with rough, raw materials such as denim, patent leather and coated fabrics.

Seemann works with strategic layering to induce a sense of contemporary architecture to combine futuristic patterns with a modern twist. But the most intriguing aspects of Seemann’s work showcases the balance between minimalism that is thrilling.

Her style is ideal for someone who wants to have an edgy yet sleek look.

With her amazing break out designs in her beginning, she is already being recognized and someone to watch for in 2015.

For more information on how to get this look, and find these pieces visit her website.www.juliaseemann.com

Her Instagram Juliaseeman_studio for the latest updates on what’s happening.


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